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Want To Take Part In Our Next Experiment Or Share Your Opinion On Afterlife Science And Experiences?

Are you interested in learning more about phenomena that we cannot perceive with our known physical senses? Consider participating in Forever Family Foundation Experiments as we explore together.

One of the goals of Forever Family Foundation is to further scientific exploration into survival of consciousness and related phenomena. Now that our membership is quite large and continues to grow at a significant rate, we have our own global presence that can be "tapped" to collect data.

On these pages, we will invite our members and visitors to the site to participate in various experiments designed to collect data and stimulate thought and discussion.

Since Forever Family Foundation is a science based organization, we will continue to provide information regarding scientific experiments done by others as well as informal experiments created by our very own members.

Experiment One - May 2005

Experiment Two - October 2005

Experiment Three - March 2006

Experiment Four - February 2007

Experiment Five - February 2011